On 26 June was DAY-2 and closure of our POP-ART Project’s Hands On Training at the Canillas Police Complex of  Policía Nacional, in Madrid, Spain .
👮‍♂️👮‍♀️Officers of the Policía Nacional actively participated in the practical exercises 🖥️✍️🛠️⚙️, conducted by Juan José Hernández Montesinos and Juan Pablo Escobar of our Coordinator ETRA, so as to further familiarize with examples of capacities of the POP-ART platform.
The trainees engaged also in a structured feedback brainstorming, so as to provide further fine-tuning for the tools and functionalities of the platform.
Looking forward to our next Training!
The project is co-funded by the European Union’s Internal Security Fund, the Republic of Cyprus and the Kingdom of Spain.

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We are pleased to announce that POP-ART has been selected as a finalist in the Dronexpo awards. This recognition highlights the best drone operations in the public sector. The Spanish National Police, as part of the POP-ART project, has been recognised for its innovation and contribution to public safety.

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The goal of the meeting was to discuss recent and future ENLETS activities, in particular to showcase the activities of each ENLETS Technology Interest Group (TIGs) as well as to share challenges, especially in the area of critical communication systems and counter drones.

The attention on topics pertinent to the ENLETS community perfectly complemented ongoing efforts to address-

  1. Cross-border and mission-critical communication
  2. Countering unmanned aircraft systems
  3. Green policing and the impacts of climate change

During this Meeting, Antonio Marqués, on behalf of ETRA Group, presented the HOPLON platform and the POP-ART project for the protection of public spaces.

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The Spanish National Police organised in Gran Canaria the Plenary Meeting of the European Clearing Board (EuCB) of Europol and the conference “Synergies between innovation actions and the Internal Security Fund”, with the participation of 100 attendees from 20 European police delegations, where the POP-ART project was presented. The main objective was to raise awareness of the use of the European Security Funds in the field of the National Police.

8 November 2023, Gran Canaria

The Security Research Event (SRE) is a regular meeting where policy makers, security practitioners, researchers, industry and civil society come together to discuss the state of play of security research in Europe. Hosted by the European Commission, the 2023 edition of the SRE attracted a participation of more than 1000 attendees.

ETRA and Spanish National Police (PN) have presented the HOPLON platform, in the framework of the POP-ART Project, at the SRE 2023. 

During this event was discussed how global trends are changing the security landscape in the EU, as it is reflected in the title of the event: “Societal transformation, digitalisation and climate change – a new paradigm for Security Research?”.

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